Chairperson's Sheet

Welcome to (school) and to this evening's debate. This is the _______ round of the Catholic Schools’ Debating Association.

The topic for tonight's debate is: ______________________________________


The Affirmative school is:_______________________________ (name of school)

The speakers are: first speaker __________________________________________

second speaker __________________________________________

third speaker __________________________________________


The Negative school is:__________________________________ (name of school)

The speakers are: first speaker __________________________________________

second speaker __________________________________________

third speaker __________________________________________


Each speaker will speak for ______ minutes. There will be a warning bell at _____ minutes (timekeeper demonstrates) and a final bell at ____ minutes (timekeeper demonstrates) to indicate that the speaker's time has finished.

The CSDA would like to remind the audience and speakers of the following points.

  • Parents and speakers have all signed the Code of Conduct acknowledging that the primary aim of the CSDA is to encourage speaking and listening skills. It is expected that all present will assist in doing this by showing due respect for each other and behaving in a manner that reflects the Gospel values held by our Catholic Schools.
  • In accordance with the CSDA Rules of Debating and the associated IT Guidelines, you are all reminded that there must be no use of mobile phones or any audio/visual equipment in this room. Anyone breaking this rule will incur the appropriate penalty as set out in the IT Guidelines on the CSDA website.

I now call upon the first speaker for the affirmative to open the debate.

(When the debater has finished, wait for a signal from the adjudicator before introducing the next speaker - timekeeper writes time of speaker next to the speaker's name on the board)


I now call upon the ‘nth’ speaker for the affirmative/negative...

(When all the debaters have finished, wait for the adjudicator to give you the signal)


I now call on the adjudicator to give the result of this debate.

(After the adjudicator has given the decision)


I now call on the captains of the teams to exchange thanks and congratulations.

(After the team captains have had their say)


Thank you ladies and gentlemen and congratulations to ______________________ (name of winning team). I invite everyone to supper in the (Meeting Area) where we gathered before the debate.