Catholic Schools’ Debating Association (CSDA) – Code of Conduct

I wish to participate in the 2021 CSDA Debating/Public Speaking Competition.  I agree to abide by the following:


I will respect the rights of others.

I will participate in the spirit of the competition.

I will display good manners and a respect for others at all times.

I will abide by the IT Guidelines as set out on the CSDA website.

I will accept the adjudicator’s decision as final.

I will speak courteously at all times.  My spoken comments will not breach the ethos of the CSDA.

I will participate in order to develop my speaking and listening skills.  I understand that this is more important than winning.

I will strive to be an ambassador for my school and in doing so recognise that my parents, teachers, coach and principal have put their trust in me.


I understand that to breach this code of conduct may discredit my school and result in my disqualification from the competition.


I understand that all students who compete in the Competitions organised by the CSDA are required to sign this Code of Conduct.  I understand that my school will hold my copy and personal information will not be handed on to the Executive of the CSDA.  My principal will vouch for my signature.


I understand that an adjudicator will issue one verbal warning if I breach this Code of Conduct.  If inappropriate behaviour continues my school will be penalised and an additional loss will be included in the tally for my team’s place in the elimination rounds.  My Principal will be informed in writing

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I have read the Code of Conduct Contract signed by my son/daughter/ward.  I understand that the primary aim of the CSDA is to encourage speaking and listening skills. I agree to be bound by the IT Guidelines as set out on the CSDA website.  I understand that any challenge to an adjudicator by any member of a school community following a verbal warning may result in an additional loss being credited to a team’s tally. I agree that, outside of reasonable discussion, any complaint will be directed to the school in writing to be forwarded to the Executive. (See Grievance Procedures Item 13 in Rules of Debating.)

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